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Krixos is not a conventional news, digital media and intelligence organisation. Since its formation in Vienna in 2018, we have strived to advance our services to provide life changing benefits and advantages for our customers worldwide.

We have taken chances by expanding our news, intelligence and research services into new sectors that might initially have appeared speculative and ambitious. We continue to try to do important and meaningful things with the resources that we have.

In the digital media and intelligence industries, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, you have to operate a little outside of your comfort zone to keep your edge. You have to continually recreate, reassess, and innovate. We endeavour to achieve this.

What is Krixos?

Krixos is a European holding company for what will become a growing collection of companies. It specialises in creating innovative news, intelligence and research services for customers worldwide. At present, it is the holding company for Templeton Apus.

Krixos will be the holding company for TA RawMaterials GmbH which is due to be established in January 2022, when our TA RawMaterials intelligence platform is spun out from Templeton Apus GmbH. The development of our TA RawMaterials service has received funding from EIT RawMaterials.

Our Cancer Stat service is run by Templeton Apus. It is our intention that this will be spun out as part of a stand alone Krixos healthcare company in due course.

Through Krixos we are creating a corporate structure that is designed for stability for the long term. Krixos will allow us to run services independently, and with their own identity and brands when they are not related. We intend that Krixos will one day become an important and significant institution. This will take time, dedication and perseverance.

We decided on the name Krixos for our holding company as it represents fighting spirit. Krixos was a successful Gallic gladiator and military leader who fought ferociously under Spartacus in the Third Servile War. We like to think that our organisation shares some of his courageous spirit and tenacity, as a tenacious spirit is a requirement to be successful in many aspects of daily life, including business.

We intend that Krixos becomes a publicly-traded entity when that day arrives. We are not intending for Krixos to be a large consumer brand with related products as Krixos companies should have their own independence and develop their own brands.

We are excited about:

  • Visualising our goals and making them become a reality.
  • Powering ahead with our Raw Materials and Healthcare news and intelligence projects.
  • Helping to accelerate the world's transition to Sustainable Energy.
  • Helping to improve Healthcare, and by doing so, helping to save lives worldwide.
  • Moving with the times, adapting to new challenges, and adopting new technologies.

What could else could be more rewarding?


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